The main observations concerning the Grain Cloud module which are documented in significantly more detail in this note than in the Reaktor 6 documentation are the following.

• Grain Cloud produces stereo grains based on a source sound in its sample list. This sound

   (“sample”) can be either stereo or mono.

• Grain content is read out from the source at a position, rate, and direction determined by

   (Pos), (P), (D/F), and the corresponding root key in the sample list. Notionally, the reading

   rate corresponds to an audio frequency.

• (PS) can specify a linear change in the aforesaid reading rate during the generation of a

   grain, making in the audio-frequency case a pitch-slide.

• (Att) and (Dec) can impose linear attack and decay on a grain envelope.

• (Pan) positions grains in the stereo field by scaling their left- and right-channel

   amplitudes appropriately.

Some Observations on the Reaktor 6 Grain Cloud Module