A Strange Country Walk: Erin Minimus / Smithfield Doubles (5:25, 2012 / 2019)

This piece uses the concept of change-ringing, and its sound is also reminiscent of that art. To ring changes is to present a fixed set of things in all possible orders; the effect is perhaps more hypnotic than intellectually stimulating.

Two sets of things are permuted here: five note-durations (120 changes - these come in pairs separated by rests) and four chord sequences (24 changes). Each chord sequence, comprising five triads and one tetrad, is presented decrescendo in the currently applicable durations. Each chord sequence uses all the pitch classes of a 19-note equal-tempered scale. “Smithfield Doubles” and “Erin Minimus” are change-ringing names for the orderings of the changes.

The source sounds are synthesized by physical modelling of hammered strings.

Software used: Digital Performer, Chromaphone, Amadeus Pro, Mathematica, Mac OS X.