Eight Dreaming: Five Symmetrical Designs (5:50, 2014)

This piece comprises designs made of musical events. Here, four parameters characterize a musical event: time (when it occurs), pitch, intensity, and timbre. In each of these designs, each event is part of an eight-member family determined by permuting and inverting the four parameters according to rules specific to that design – that’s the sense in which the design is symmetrical. (The mathematically inclined may know that there are exactly five abstract eight-element groups.)

The sounds here are generated by modal synthesis using Reaktor Prism (Native Instruments) under control of Digital Performer (Mark of the Unicorn). The pitch scale is approximately Carlos alpha (nine equal steps per perfect fifth).

The title reflects the composer’s thought that perhaps mathematical forms, like the landscape, are part of tjukurrpa (Warlpiri language, = order / being / the coming-into-being / ‘The Dreaming’).