Nocturne (8:05, 2012)

This piece, dedicated to Leon Leeds, comprises various night sounds: some may be of the sea, others the product of an unquiet mind.

The pitched sounds are all based on a 31-tone scale. The slow sections generally follow Fuchsian (species) counterpoint rules with the definition of consonance extended, allowing in particular the harmonic seventh (frequency ratio 7:4), which the 25-step interval in this scale closely approximates. The short quick middle section features all-interval rows in subscales of 12, 10, and 14 tones.

This is a stereo sequence created by the composer and recorded directly from computer audio output in his studio.

The composer also created all the individual sounds: vocal soundbites as granular distortions of his own recorded voice; the rest as output of Reaktor software modules, some built from scratch, some as Reaktor Prism patches.