Prelude, Toccata, and Fugue (3:46, 2009 / 2020)

This piano piece uses my PSTP system for the Prelude and Fugue (see “music theory“ page, this website), Schoenbergian serial technique for the Toccata. The principal partitions and primary tone row are related. The Prelude is a sort of rounded binary, the Toccata a ternary. The fugue subject, while keeping always the same contour and underlying pitch-symmetry, changes in the course of the movement from the quartal-quintal B-A-E-D to the major seventh G-E-C-B. Unlike the first two movements, the Fugue is not harmonically closed.

The sound source for this is a “performance” by myself (i.e. a hand-made MOTU DP9 sequence) on the “Steinway D Studio Recording” patch of Modartt's Pianoteq 6. Here QuickTime plays an mp3 version.