A Slice of Life (3:51, 1992 / 2007)

Life is a mathematical somewhat invented by John Horton Conway in 1970. It comprises a plane grid of cells (which may be occupied or not) and proceeds generation by generation according to deterministic rules which prevent sparseness or over-crowding and provide for birth on a three-parent basis. Colour doesn’t figure in the rules; here it is fiducial and ornamental.

The music follows closely the patterns which arise successively from the first life-form shown.

Given the determinism of the rules of Life, selection or design of those seven cells more or less implies all the rest.

The sound source for this is an original instrument (patch) made with Reaktor 5 (Native Instruments) controlled by the Digital Performer 4 sequencer with the Flanger, Dynamics, and MW Equalizer plug-ins (Mark of the Unicorn). The slides were made with Canvas X (ACD Systems) and converted along with the sound to Quicktime with Photo to Movie (LQ Graphics).